Food and Accommodation Yoga TTC in Rishikesh, India


Food plays a pivotal role in yoga. Concerned about this fact, we offer hygienic sattvic food to students so that they start their day with positive energy and their yoga practice becomes easier. It is also said that our mood depends upon the satiety of our stomach.
Yogic food has a healing power that energizes your body and relaxes your body and soul. Other than this, yogic food gets easily digest and thus considered best for health.
Eating the right food at the right time is necessary especially for a good yogi and sattvic food fulfills all of these responsibilities.
There should be nothing to worry about the food we provide because just like a homely environment, we provide homely food too.



Yoga leads to a happy and healthy life. It is a way to clean your inner soul. So, it is necessary to maintain a neat and clean (surrounding conditions) for purifying your mind, body, and soul. We "Hariom Yogashala" are completely aware of this thing and so provide a properly carefully cleaned place to live and sleep to our students.
Individual, as well as Sharing rooms both, are available to students with complete facilities. Like Daily Bedding, neat and clean Bathrooms, Hot purify water as well as Coldwater. Electricity and Power backup. We bank on to our students that they also keep maintaining neat & clean (things that are near and around something).
Located next to the River Ganga. The location of our school is extremely beautiful with the calm Ganga River Balcony, rich cultural history, wonderful flora & animal population, marvelous temples, and attractive beauty.








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