Meditation Teacher Training School in Rishikesh India

Meditation is not a part of any religion; it is a science, which means that the process of meditation follows a particular order, has definite principles, and produces results that can be verified. Meditation TTC is a Type of exercises. The meditation Teacher training is designed to give some spiritual knowledge to the student. The meditation is useful for a peacefull mind as well as it is also concentrates your mind. The yoga and meditation techniques are being implemented in management of life-threatening diseases; in transformation of molecular and genetic structure; in reversal of mental disease, in accelerated learning programs, in perceptions and communications beyond the physical, in solving problems and atomic and nuclear physics; in gaining better ecological understanding; in management lifestyle and future world problems


Meditation TTC and Meditation Retreat

Meditation encourages a deepening of sentience or awareness, and also facilitates a deeper understanding of self and others. It's like a gym in which you develop the powerfull mental muscles of calm & insight. Meditation improves concentration & power of the mind, reduces self-deprecating mental clatter, increases circulation of oxygen to cells because of deep breathing. restores homoeostatic balance to body, brings a better peace of mind, increase creativity and helps keep blood pressure normal. If you mediate daily, you will remain positive and calm during the times when most people lose patience.

Meditation TTC Highlight

  • Meditation style and Meditation techniques
  • Breath Meditation and Practice of Pranayama
  • Mantra Chanting by The Holy River Ganges
  • Ancient Style of Hatha, Vinyasa & Ashtanga
  • Meditation Retreat on Sundays
  • Healing Therapies
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Principles of Asana Practice
  • Vasishtha Cave Meditation Tour
  • Ayurveda Study
  • Yoga Therapy, Philosophy, Anatomy
  • 3 Hygienic Yogic Meal & Fruit Juices
  • Accomodation, Hot/cold Water, free Wi-Fi
  • Indian Style Music Concert
  • 100 Hour Meditation TTC Certificate (RYT)
  • Duration: 14 days with food & accommodation
  • Course Fees:
    800 USD/Student Single Room
    700 USD/Student Shared Room
  • Early Bird: 10-20% Discount Pre Booking
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Meditation Teacher Training Courses Catalogue

" The you that goes in one side of the meditation experience is not the same you that comes out the other side "


ॐ Meditation In Morning Time

✔ Brief Introduction about Meditation concept and some spiritual knowledge.
✔ Meditation style and Meditation techniques.
✔ Concentration and Meditation diet.
✔ Practice of Asana.
✔ Breath Meditation.
✔ Mantra chanting and Bandha, Mudra.
✔ Anatomy and Physiology of Meditation.
✔ Applications of meditation for health, healing, well-being and spiritual upliftment.


ॐ Meditation In Evening Time

✔ As a Meditation teacher: stablishing yourself.
✔ kundalini shakti, Prana, Chakra, Nada (inner sounds).
✔ Applications of meditation for healing, well-being health, and spiritual upliftment.
✔ Practice of Pranayama.
✔ Knowledge about Yam, Niyam and sadhana.
✔ About Pratyahara and Dharana.
✔ Asana, stretching leading to Meditation
✔ Applications of meditation for health, healing, well-being and spiritual upliftment.


ॐ Why Choose Rishikesh For Meditation

✔ We are located in the holy city of Rishikesh, Tapovan (which means a place for Tapa or Sadhana or meditation), surrounded by the beautiful view of foothills of Himalayas.
✔ A committed, devoted and dedicated team of meditation teachers, professors, and masters.
✔ Rishikesh, the home of enlightened sages and saints, is one of them. It is the birthplace of yoga, a popular town to come and meditate and learn about other aspects of spiritualism.