1- Students are required to submit their passport photocopy and passport size photographed to Hariom Yogashala Yoga School for the process of Yoga Alliance US certificate application.

2- The total fees should be paid during registration upon arrival by filling up the application from before the commencement date of the course by CASH or PayPal transfer (including tax).

3- Students have to arrive one day before of the commencement date of the course.

4- It is compulsory for students to attend all classes. Exceptions would be in the case of illness.

5- All fees paid are non-refundable or non-transferable in any situation that students wish to withdraw their course or quit. Alternatively, they are allowed to carry forward their course to following month

6- Students should be punctual. Late entry in classes or during the meal is not allowed.

7- Students have to wear according to the dress code which has been decided earlier.

8- Students should follow every rules and regulation. Students should obey and follow the respective qualified teachers teaching and instruction for every subject appointed by Hariom YogaShala Yoga School without any obligations.

9- Smoking. drinking or any kind of drugs is highly prohibited in the school. Students should back to room by 9:00pm.

10- Students must co-operate with teachers, other staff and with other students. Crappy or harsh behavior will not be bearable.

11- Students should return all books of the library before departure from the school.

12- Our Yoga school will not take any responsibility for any sort of injuries happened to the students due to yoga asana practice in or outside the school during or after the course.

13- Students have to maintain a yogic atmosphere.